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Trailer Towing Course Manoeuvres

During the B + E towing course, you will be required to show that you can uncouple and recouple the trailer as well as carry out a reversing excercise to show you are able to control the towing combination safely whilst reversing. These manoeuvres are carried out offroad on a specially laid out course next to the Ipswich Test Centre.


Reversing Exercise

Trailer Towing Test Course Manoeuvre

  1. Drive the combination forwards in a straight line so the extreme front is level with and between the cones.
  2. Reverse the combination backwards so the cone is to the offside, ensuring at no point the combination touches or squashes the cone.
  3. Straighten the combination so you are able to reverse into the bay marked by the last group of cones.
  4. Keep reversing until the extreme rear of the combination is within the yellow & black area, ensuring you do not go too far back knocking the barrier over.
  5. Get out of the vehicle to join the examiner!


Uncouple Excercise

  1. Apply the trailer handbrake using the lever.
  2. Disconnect the trailer electric cable(s) and stow in a safe place.
  3. Drop the jockey wheel and ensure this is tightened sufficiently.
  4. Release and hold the coupling whilst winding down the jockey wheel to lift the trailer.
  5. Disconnect the brakeaway cable and stow in a safe place.
  6. Get into the vehicle, drive forwards and then reverse park next to the trailer.


Recouple Excercise

  1. Approach the trailer as if it is new to yourself (you've not towed it recently).
  2. Check the trailer handbrake is on and rock trailer to show the handbrake works.
  3. Get into the vehicle drive forwards infront of the trailer, reverse backwards to within 500mm of the drawbar.
  4. Get out of the vehicle and check the height and distance from the trailer to the vehicle.
  5. Get into the vehicle and continue reversing until the towball is under or around the hitch.
  6. Get out of the vehicle and attach the brakeaway cable and if necessary release the handbrake and adjust the trailer position to ensure the hitch is directly over the towball. Ensure the handbrake is applied again.
  7. Raise the jockey wheel and attach trailer to vehicle ensuring the hitch locks onto the ball.
  8. Show that the trailer is securely fastened to the vehicle by winding the jockey wheel down slightly to show the rear of the car start to lift and then raise the jockey wheel again - the rear end of the car should lower.
  9. Lift the jockey wheel up and ensure it is tightened securely.
  10. Connect the trailer electric cable(s).
  11. Release the trailer handbrake.
  12. Carry out safety checks to ensure you are happy to tow the trailer... doors, tyres/ wheels, mudguards, lights/lenses, numberplate, etc... and then carry out a FULL light check.

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