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Top 10 Tips To PASS!

1. Be Prepared

The first and foremost thing is that if you're not prepared, you won't be in the right frame of mind. Have all of your required documents in a folder the night before your test as well as a bottle of water. You will need your driving licence (plastic part and paper counterpart), driving test confirmation letter and your theory pass certificate.

2. Dress Comfortably

You are going to be sat in a car for quite a while on test day. You will usually have an hour before your test to do any last revision and then it will be straight to the test centre. A suit is not necessary! Don't wear high heels either! The examiner is there to assess your driving, not your looks. It isn't a job interview.

3. Be Open The Window

If the weather is ok, open the window. It'll give you some fresh air, help you feel less cramped, keep you more alert, you'll be able to hear what's going on around you and hear the engine note of the car. It is your test and the examiner is in your environment, they know it is important for you to be comfortable.

4. Ask Your Instructor

If you are unsure of anything - just ask! If you don't mention you're not comfortable with something, it can be taken by your instructor as if you know it. Don't feel embarrassed to ask again either. Not everyone get things right the first time. You can ask your instructor to give you a practical demonstration if you can't picture something. You're paying for driving lessons so get the most out of them!

5. Ask The Examiner

When you're on test be sure you understand what is required. You will not fail your test for asking for clarification on something. Just think before you do anything. If you start to get flustered on a manoeuvre, just take a moment to regain your composure. If a manoeuvre starts to go wrong and you don't feel you can correct it, let the examiner know you are going to pull forwards and start again.

Most examiners will happily have a chat with you while driving along, just make sure you are concentrating on the road and what you are doing. You are not marked on your small talk.

6. Sleep

Simple but true. If you turn up to a test at 8:15 in the morning having had no sleep the night before, you will be in a bad frame of mind. If you are not an early bird then you should choose a later test when booking.

7. Be Confident

We will only let you go forwards to your driving test if an instructor feels you will pass. There is no point "hoping" to pass. If you don't feel confident in your driving ability then you really are not ready for your test. If you go into a test thinking you are going to fail then there is a good chance you will.

You are allowed to change or cancel your practical test at least 3 working days beforehand with the DSA. It is not worth wasting your money if you don't feel ready.

8. Observe Other Drivers

When going out with friends and family, observe how they drive. Do not look to copy how they drive (as they may have picked up bad habits since passing their driving test) but observe the scenarios and think in your head how you would have dealt with them.

9. Learn With A Friend

Studying with a friend or colleague is a good idea as you will be able to help each other. Just like when you took school exams, you'll be able to revise with and test each other. It also helps to have a little bit of friendly competition!

10. Don't Forget What You Learned In Your Theory Test

What you covered in the theory test is important on your practical driving test too. All that information on road signs, speed, braking distances, etc forms a big part of the practical test.

The driving examiner wants to see you are safe in what you do, knowledgable, confident and you are aware of and plan for the situations ahead. The examiner will know you are nervous and will try to put you at ease, they are not expecting you to drive like someone with an advanced qualification.


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